Ludega is a (collection of individuals) gathering (and working) for a particular purpose.
In the immediacy, we are focused on building a diverse portfolio of revenue streams. Our long term, primary goal is to research and develop medicines and technologies that help people live longer, happier, and healthier lives.
Alex Woody ( Updated 2022-02-15
Ludega Window Cleaning is an organization that helps us all see more clearly by providing Commercial, Residential, and High Rise Window Cleaning Services to the wonderful people of Colorado and elsewhere. Like the other organizations of Ludega, Ludega Window Cleaning aims to help grow the funds necessary to realize our primary goal.
We service any and all window cleaning needs to both residential and commercial buildings ranging from 1 to 15 stories tall. We also provide many other cleaning services, so please don't hesitate to ask what else we can do for you.
Ludega Window Cleaning operates 24/7, 365 days per year. We conveniently have crews for night and day services and all the times in-between.
An organization that manages and grows the funds necessary to realize our primary goal.
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Ludega Merch is an organization that provides a means of showing support, helps spread the message, and helps grow the funds necessary to realize our primary goal.
Ludega Software selectively offers Software Consulting, Development, and Data Delivery Services to a wide range of clients with varying needs. We have experience and expertise in delivering beautiful and functional websites (big or small) and we also specialize in developing and/or customizing enterprise business software (modules). Penetration testing of existing software systems is also among our repertoire of services offered.

When our team isn't busy working on client deliverables, we spend our time building and improving our own in house built software suites. Like the other Ludega Organizations, Ludega Software aims to help grow the funds necessary to realize our primary goal.
- Cryptocurrency Tracking & Trading System(s)
- Customizable Web Based Merchandise Storefront
- Business Management Software