Ludega is a portmanteau of Ludus/Ludic and Omega/Mega.

In Latin, Ludus has several meanings within the semantic field of “play, game, sport, learn, entertain, school, and training”. Something Ludic in nature is “Playful” or pertains to “Games of Chance”.

Two thousand and five hundred years ago, Ludi existed throughout Rome and the many cities of the Roman Empire, the purposes of which were to teach the areas' young. Gladiators trained at the Ludus Magnus in Rome, the name of which literally translates to “Great Training School”.

Even further back, some three thousand and two hundred years ago, in Ancient Greece, Mega denoted something of a "Great, Large, or Mighty" nature. The Greek letter Omega, or "Great O" as it translates, is the final letter in the Greek alphabet.

Among other things, Ludega gives name to this place that we find ourselves, together, here and now, and the "Great End Game" that we all face. The mountain before us all, yet unclimbed, is to ensure and secure our indefinite awareness of this place, and that of those we love.

From You to You
With Compassion,